Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fresh London Flat

I'm taking a study break to show off the bold, eclectic style of this London flat featured in the March issue of Vogue. It's a Victorian home that belongs to the design-savvy couple, Christopher and Suzanne Sharp and their three children. It's full of their treasures from their travels around the world, all tied together in a refreshing British style paired with fabulous rugs.

(notice the Kelly Weartsler rug in the dining zone)

The couple previously lived in Malta and Uganda. They presently own the successful rug and limited-edition tapestries shop in London, the Rug Company. Their rug career started really taking off when they featured collaborations with British prominent interior designers, such as Nina Campbell, Nicholas Haslam and Mary Fox Linton. Their tapestries collections feature collaborations with freshpink favorite, Beatriz Milhaze, as well as other artists, Kara Walker, Shahzia Sikander and Gary Hume.

Click over to Vogue to read more. For more information on the couple and the company, All the Best (the blog) did a nice feature on them a couple of years ago that you can read here.

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At 7:40 AM, Blogger Jamima said...

Wow, gorgeous! And so many unique pieces of furniture, love it.


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