Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fresh Loft Living

There was no lighting post today because for some reason there was no class today, which was lovely by me. This meant that I got to head to West Oakland for a new loft project that I am working on! I think it's going to be a lot of fun. The loft is already furnished but needs some space planning and some furniture skimming.

I took lots of photos of the existing space, but I feel strange posting the clients' "pre-photos" even though their space is already pretty great-looking, I'll save that for a later post or for my professional portfolio website revamp. Instead, in honor of loft living, here are a couple of images from one of my favorite home tours that was originally posted at Apartment Therapy ever! My only teeny tiny beef with this space is that zebra print ottoman.

This space is located in Durham, North Carolina, a town that I spent my elementary school years growing up in. It's a town where tobacco factories were abundant in the 80's and the smell of tobacco frequently sweetened the outdoor air. It sounds odd, but think UNBURNED tobacco and it's much better. Anyway, this particular loft is a converted Ligett and Meyers tobacco warehouse that belongs to savvy store owner, Heather Garett, who decorated the space. You can visit her store here.

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