Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Sun

Need a little sunny optimism?

Here's some affordable sunshine cheer from Chicago artist Laura George. Her "Sunshine Friend" print is available at her etsy store ($15).

I've also been enjoying the illustrations of Spanish artist Blanca Gómez from her cosas mínimas site. Her work feels very Alexander Girard-inspired to me.This "Sunny Small City" print is also for sale at her etsy store ($30).

Speaking of Alexander Girard and sunshines, his graphic design archives are still spreading the rays of brightness. Velocity Art & Design carries a eco plywood print of one of his suns ($89). On a side note, I'm noticing that you can also purchase his fonts, which I'm happy to see!

Rock Paper Scissor has this fun "Shine Brightly" notebook ($10) too.
Hopefully that brightened your Monday a bit. 

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