Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Take me to the Waffle Truck!

When we were in Brussels recently, I got to eat ONE waffle and it was super delicious, but now that I am back, I am thinking I didn't eat close to enough of them (possibly because I was full from eating my waffle with a side of heart attack platter) . But there's good news, and it apparently is usually on location in a TRUCK at the Wednesday Civic Center Farmer's Market. Look at this waffle truck!!! (photo from yelp) More info over at Yelp, making me love Yelp again. $3.50 a waffle!

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At 11:45 PM, Blogger Dan said...

In Korea they have these stands where they serve only waffles -- they put two together with honey or something in the middle. Yum!

And then in NYC there's that dessert truck that hangs out in the Village. Soooo good. I've wondered why that doesn't happen here.


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