Monday, June 22, 2009

Dublab at KALX

A slice of my favorite Los Angeles radio station is coming to KALX on Thursday. I am hosting Dublab DJs, Katie Byron (one of my favorite former KALX-ers) and Jimmy Tamborello (from Dntel, Postal Service, and Figurine). They should be in around 4 or 4:30 PM this coming Thursday. For sneak sounds, check out Katie's dublab stream here and Jimmy's stream here. As usual, you can stream KALX online over here to tune in.

*post edit update- I didn't upload katie and jimmy's tracks to KALX online, so I'm going post what got played over on Thursday's show over here.

Jimmy played:
Lambat San Anom by Gede Marik
All Dutch Muted Konk by Size
Haamut Sun Sydamesta by Es
Flutful by Cluster
Let 'Em Take It by Lee Perry with Dubblestandart
Beyond That Place, Dragons! by Phonophani
Deep Water (BBC Version) by Strawberry Switchblade
Automatic Daydream by Home Service
Sight of You by Pale Saints
The Highest by Julianna Barwick

Katie played:
Aan Meets Eyes Like Saucers
Willy O' Winsbury by Pentangle
Mapfumo, Thomas and the Acid Band
Golden Hits- their drone band



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katie @ kalx!


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