Monday, April 27, 2009

Jonathan Adler Inspiration

I realize that Spring is here, but my mind has been in the mountains designing one of my last school projects. It is a media room in a cozy, Tahoe cabin basement complete with a home theatre and karaoke set-up. My pseudo client is a young, wealthy, snowboarding, graphic designer, bachelor that wants something Jonathan Adler-inspired. So, I'm gonna go nuts with a little JA porn here. Circle patterns are in order.Lots of brown with white accents will be used along with some graphic wool pillows and possibly a couple of Rex Ray pieces on the wall.If I had enough space it would look a little bit like the lounge at the Parker in Palm Springs, complete with a fire pit (I love them almost as much as I love conversation pits).I found some white and lucite barstools like the Parker Bar has.The entire upper portion of my back wall of my media room has mirrors sort of like this.I've got some shaggy area rugs like the ones for the space.If I can swing it, I might add one swinging pod chair, because I think that's like the cherry on top of a bachelor pad room. All images from Jonathan Adler.

Finally, I am using this creepy bench made from cast resin from local furniture studio, Oly that I am sure Mr. Adler would approve of.

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