Friday, April 24, 2009

Frizzled Friday Round-Up

This week has been BUSY and I think it's just going to keep getting busier until the end of May! My guess is that posts might be a little spotty, but I'm still doing my best to keep it fresh. One thing that was keeping me busy this week was riding out to SFO to help document a store front for the commercial Interior Design class that I am TA-ing for. I am trying my best to help this semester's students skip some of the pain that I experienced with a similar project last year. While being a on photo mission out there, I was reminded of how pretty the the SFO BART Station is! I love the shimmer walls.Also kind of pretty is the new SFO Mango store. According to the nice lady that gave us a tour from the SFO Design Review Committee, this is one of the few stores in the airport that the DRC has approved to have pendant lamps and hardwood flooring. They are strict, there's a 30+ page book of rules and regulations that design firms have to adhere to when designing, which doesn't have the makings keeping a school-related, hypothetical design project simple. In other exciting news, the space that I've been helping with for my internship, heralded as the "ecoSalon" opened up for an event/forum on Tuesday night that was a nice success, held at their office in Jack London Square. It's written up over at Michelle Kaufmann's blog this week if you are interested. After the ecoSalon was over on Tuesday, I headed over to the Rickshaw got really sweaty with Buraka Som Sistema. They brought the global flavors and the crowd was loving them.

they are with M.I.A. before she turned into a Mama M.I.A. You gotta watch it for the dancing alone.

If you couldn't tell, tonight I am kicking at home (for once) to rest, drink more juice and clean-up, before a weekend of a bunch of homework, missing (sniff) the Nooworks Summer Line Launch probably just wrapping up RIGHT now at 111 Minna. Check out the new line!

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At 10:58 PM, Blogger Jamima said...

Way to go on the ecoSalon! It looks pretty groovy. :)


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