Friday, March 13, 2009

13 Etsy Graphic Goodies

Happy Friday the 13th! I've been thinking about bold graphics this week.

1.) Sohomade's Candy Dreams Skirt 2.) Greedy Goretti's Vintage Graphics Tangerine Orange Handbag 3.) Ericka Basile's Wham Zig Zag Round Camera Bag 4.) You Are a Dreamboat's Zig Zag Ring 5.) Hello Victory's Orange ceramic pitchers 6.) Emma Loves Retro Orange Print Pillow 7.) The Knit Owl's Zig Zag Headband 8.) The Near Future's zig zag tea towel 9.) Hello Victory's Orange Bamboo Tray 10.) By the Wayside's Vintage Pitcher 11.) Tumbleweed's Cottage Geometric Vintage Mugs 12.) MaxineDear's Childcraft Stripes book belt buckle 13.) Sohomade's Geo Skirt

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