Thursday, February 26, 2009

Umbrella AFROs, etc.

What the past few days have looked like....a little fresh photo sharing.

I ran into our friend, Eviltron last Friday. He's always got a camera and it is always snapping in our faces. Here's my attempt at getting him back. It didn't really work. He still wouldn't stop. He's probably never gonna stop. He's unstop-able.Then there are those iphone people in the back seat that couldn't quite get enough quality time in with their phonefun. Guess what social networking site they are ALL looking at? Um, yeah. Dotting the post with a little goodness, here's a little pretty on my window sill. Then the bad, here's the beginning of my procrastinated bath project perspective drawing from hell. This was only the beginning of the Monday/Tuesday lack-of-sleep marathon, it didn't end so well. I am glad to say it is over now.While I was putting the perspective pain and suffering behind me, I spotted this crafty creation at Hana Japan (in Berkeley). Pretty clever, if you ask me. And since it is official BIRTHDAY month full of Pisces and Aquarius, Ajax made this awesome black record cake! It tasted very lemony yum inside but say hello to black lips and nasty teeth smiles! We did not photograph the evidence.It was for our favorite B-day boy! Happy Birthday week Buddy!

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At 10:02 PM, Blogger Jamima said...

Cool cake!


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