Friday, February 06, 2009


School's heating up and I need an interior design internship or job ASAP. This reality is going to make posting a little more spotty than usual. If you know of anything interior design-based, especially dealing with kitchens & bath or the eco-friendly home realm, please send me an email at In return for your services, I would happily make you some fresh treats.

What I am also on the HUNT for is the recently debuted Orla Kiely line at Target stores, email tips on that would also be appreciated! I found a little teeny bit of it this week, but I want more! Here's my latest Orla scores, organizational fabric bins, which were the only things worth buying in the slim pickings offered. It took three different location visits to make this happen. The full line should be out by the 15th and I think it will probably disappear quickly.While I am out hunting, I will leave you with a few fresh links.

To Watch & Hear: Let the talented Essau Mwamwaya (from The Very Best) take you on virtual trip to Malawi with the new-ish video for Kamphopo.

To Go See: Fresh Pink fave, husband and wife duo, Rainbow Arabia is playing the Apple Store on February 28th in SF for part of Noise Pop. It's a bummer that I think I will miss this.(photo from flickr's sun hums)

To Listen: Bart Davenport (and his band with my drummer BF)'s live recording from their fall tour are up at Daytrotter, more over here.
(illustration by Johnnie Cluney)

To See & Buy: Oakland artist, Nat Russell needs your $$$ (he got burgled) and has sweet 2009 Calendar posters. Buy One. I would get one for myself, if I had some more wall space. I notice my lack of my wall space is starting to be a recurring problem. Pink & Blue dudes with yellow cloud bubbly lettering, yes, please.(image from his website,

To Neckware: Be Safe Necklace

To Hoodie: Shop the She Bible sale for this local & cute, striped hoodie.

To Cook: A16's Eggs in Purgatory recipe (it's complicated but sounds amazing).

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