Monday, January 12, 2009

Tired of Toein' the Line

Mystery Solved! This song has been in my head all weekend (with garbled lyrics). I had no idea who sang it and I can't really sing to save my life. Finally, last night, we figured it out after my lame-ass singing rendition rung a bell in my favorite dj nerd's head. I bet I've heard this song 20-30 times, but I never knew it was the one-hit wonder of Rocky Burnette, son of Johnny Burnette . Watch the 1980 video for the 1979 song and enjoy some high fashion. Quinn Luke from Bing Ji Ling looks a lot like a modern-day version of Mr. Burnette.

ps- Yes, this is a hold-over post. I do have road trip photos, but I am currently in house organizing chaos.

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