Friday, January 23, 2009

Fresh Friday Links

What happens when there's too much winter vacation? Fresh Links.All these mindless topics are FRESH in my head.

Our New President- He's even showing up on cute African Pillows.Uh Oh- Are hammer ("harem") pants are coming back on the scene?Blowing Up With Fresh Styles- Aussie Fashion DesignersShepard Fairey's guest editing at an Aussie Blog- He wrote a great piece on Al Farrow's gun sculptures. A few are on display on the de young in SF now.Handmade Nation- Film comes out in '09.Desire to Eat It- Panna CottaB Boys Celebrate Paul's Boutique- 20th Anniversary and I still love my boys.Original I Love Rock N' Roll- The Arrows

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thanks for the link!


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