Friday, January 30, 2009

Current Fresh Sensations

("Give Up" by Kime Buzzelli)

1.) Excited to take Hatha Yoga with Lar Caughlan, at SF State. This dude has been teaching for 40 years, has a great attitude and has this awesome book of himself doing yoga in nature. Photo scans will soon be inserted here (I promise these will not disappoint!).

2.) Listening to cool, former KALX DJ and buddy, Katie Byron down at Dublab in LA (archived here) and KALX Best of Week.

3.) Looking at artist, Kime Buzzelli's work & blog, Moldy Doily. Loving her work, which can be purchased at her etsy store (noticed her on Dublab ' flickr stream ). (photo from

4.) Feeling the summer-feeling winter fresh air and getting ready to hike around the bay tomorrow!5.) Cooking up crab dip & bacon treats for weekend festivities.

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