Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holiday-ish Humpday Hoodies

How about three festive looking hoodie shots to keep you warm and fuzzy today while I finish my last final of the semester today? I'm hoping the final is not too difficult. It will consist of 50 construction questions to be taken online in an hour. I'm so sick of reading about roof trusses, soffits and ridge beams. I'm ready for a hoodie break. The top image is from New Jersey- based photographer, Miss Lulu, the middle image is from Makool Loves You store, it's the Ketchup Coat (which you can put your credit card away for because they sadly no longer have in my size), and the bottom image (at least as I far as I can tell, but can't confirm) is from a talented illustrator from Berlin, Jasmin Fuhr (nice website BTW) .

All images were found examining the new December issue of N.E.E.T. magazine. It is a nice issue, click over there if you haven't seen it yet. They are on their 13th issue now!

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