Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fresh Model Shots

I said I would post some photos, so here are some school project show-n-tell images to illustrate what I've been up to. Last Wednesday we took our completed Moroccan model (the white one) and set it up on display at Burk Hall at SFSU. We were happy that it got neighbored next to a Tuscan green roof model that was really nicely done!Here's a closer view of ours and the veranda. We plastered all the exterior foam boards (that were representing SIPs).You must understand that each group was expected to create a section cut of our original floor plan and show construction details within the model, since was created for a construction class. Don't worry it is supposed to look unfinished and like someone chopped it in half. We choose a pile foundation system, since our site is supposed to be on a beach water front with the deck hanging over the water. The little rocks are showing that it would be necessary to drill down to the bedrock and the tan foam is showing the clay layer of earth.The good news was my group mates let me paint the walls a hot pink, since it was depicting a honeymoon suite in Tangier, Morocco.We didn't need to build out all the details of the inside but I got a little crazed and decided it would be fun to do. If you recall this post, it shouldn't be surprising to you. The tile floor is made of Crayola air dry clay and was a little difficult to work with, hence the bumpiness. I even got to put in mini printed Madeline Weinrib rugs!My group mates worked on the finishing details then we high fived and rolled off into the sunset. I'm pretty happy we're done doing this in my backyard and now we can hang those head lamps up and put the plaster away. Feels good.

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At 10:00 AM, Blogger Jamima said...

OMG, that is amazing!! I love it, way to go. So professional, you got an "A" right?


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