Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rainbow Collection

All after all the talk of rainbow excitement, I've been collecting some further inspiration, starting with some vintage ones. Are you ready for a rainbow round-up?This one was spied over at my Nifty Thrift Flickr Pool from beastsfantastic. In a major fit of rainbow obsession I complied some rainbow flickr faves to admire. Rainbows sometimes have a bad wrap, which is shame, because look how they make me smile when they are on vintage stickers, keyboards, records players, Polaroids, cross stitch art, bags and socks!This knitted rainbow top will keep you feeling warm while the weather gets cools down!(via Knitting Girls)

(New Museum NYC "Hell, Yes!" photo by Yuri)

Missoni's the high end master of rainbow prints. They are beautiful, but so not affordable!1.) Jocotan Cushion 2.) Witchita Pouf Cube 3.) Jamiela Towel 4.) Torta Candel Set 5.) Irvin Bedding

Ikea has a few rainbow rug gems that are more budget-friendly.
1.) Nysted 2.) Strib 3.)Unni

Rainbows on Furniture and Bookshelves1.) Friendly Chair from from Roel-an Elsinga 2.) Rainbow Table from Roel-an Elsinga 3.) Classic Chair with Rainbow Striped makeover 4.) Patrick Norguet Rainbow Chair 5.) Rainbow color-coded book arrangements (aka the librian's nightmare)

Or how about a little dash of rainbow 4 the back of your sneaks?The soundtrack (of course) would be have to be provided by Rainbow Arabia

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