Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Style

It's kind of hard to make out in this photo, but it is the top floor (section cut) of our school Moroccan model. The progress is coming along slowly, but happily, it's getting to the more fun stage of things where I get to start making mini-beds, planting fake plants in teeny tiny terracotta pots and whatnot.

Needless to say, it's bringing out the little girl in me and has me reflecting on my days of owning a dollhouse. I was just as happy as the little girl in this photo enjoying her homemade dollhouse, except I never had a swanky Eames mini rocker to accessorize with like her!photo from (

I've been lusting over getting a new mid-century modern one, possibly a cute pink one, maybe a recycled cardboard one or go full throttle after the model is done and make a freshpinkstyle DIY one from scratch (and scraps). The real trick would be to fit a little house in a our little house so, for the moment, I'd better just internet window shop.

It really doesn't get much swankier than this modern Villa Sibi Dollhouse by Sirch, but ouch, it's $900!

There's the pretty and pink version for a much more affordable $39. It's the Sugarplum Dollhouse Kit.

Cardboard Design's Cardboard Dollhouse

Some cardboard mini furniture to go inside!Or maybe I will just have to settle for a vintage trailer! Or make my own recycled version later like these stylers:(photo from flickr's kelanew)

Get directions over here if you want to make one too!

On another blog on the very same wave length, Hannah from Printer and Piemaker got me even more inspired with her vintage ebay mini furniture dollhouse finds over here.

Even more houses over here on Yokiddo!

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I've been trying to find more pink items on for your blog, but this is as close as I could find for now!


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