Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fives List

While I'm busy blowing off school, I thought I would make a few lists...

To See:
1.) New Sofia Coppola Dior commercial (apparently I need to watch more tv)2.) Pretty Paintings by Julie Simonsen in LA (won't see unless you drive me there)3.) Good Dick (the movie with the embarrassing name & John Ritter's son)4.) Kiss Nesting Dolls (Tip from Tracie, have yet to find the ones with the devil in the middle)5.) Elle Dining by Design 2008 - I worked on Kelly Keiser's wall & table last year (shown below), more to come next week.

To Hear:
Hippies, Hasch und Flower Power Comp
African Pearls: Congo 70 Comp
Of Montreal "Skeletal Lamping"
Eccentric Soul--Young Disciples Comp
1970s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground Comp

Carmel Sea Salt Pudding @ Flora (holy crap, so good!)
Tara's Organic Ice Cream on College (little birdies say it is the best)
Powderface Beignets in Fruitvale District
Bi-Rite Creamery Ice Cream
Bouchon Doughnuts in Yountville

What's on your list?

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At 3:26 PM, Blogger jennwhisper said...

Woah! Lets go to Yountville! I have been to Powderface. While I am not an expert on beignets, in fact it was my first experience with them, they were not that yummy. And they took FOREVER. Admittedly they were hot when I got them though. Have you tried Dynamo in the Mission yet?

At 3:44 PM, Blogger freshpinkstyle said...

We'd have to be dedicated to get up early enough for Yountville doughnuts, but it might be fun and tasty? Thanks for the Powderface round-up, sounds like I don't need to rush over. Yum Diary reviewed Dynamo but I haven't made it over yet.


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