Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hood Craft-Off

I wish I had more time to shop when I was in Brooklyn last weekend. The only purchasing I got to do was over at Brooklyn Industries in a 10-minute buying frenzy. Fortunately, there's this snazzy etsy feature where I can shop by location and therefore can create this virtual city craft-off.

Oakland's Etsy Crafters:Listed clockwise- Oaklandish Tee, Miss Natalie Dress , Kids Cowboy Patch, Fabric Bike Patch, Miss Natalie Eggs, Dogwood Flowers, Sabi Sabi Skirt, I Hella Love Oakland buttons, AC hoodie, Hansart Collage


Brooklyn's Etsy Crafters:Listed clockwise- Track Bike Rainbow Tank, Red Feather Clip, Kaleidoscope Dress, Foxy Cocktail Napkins, Jeanine's Bike Print, Autumn Leaf Earrings, Woodburned Maple Pendant, Wooden Custom Painted Family Dolls, Organic Sealmaiden Tote, Break Breaker ONE, Breakdance Tote, Crocheted Halloween Critters, Brooklyn Bridge Necklace

This is just a small sampling of the talent from both cities (more from Brooklyn in this post) that have similar demographics of artists, bike enthusiasts and diverse cultures.

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