Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fresh Ice Cream Flavors

Did I mention that July is national ice cream month? It makes sense because it IS a good way to beat the heat. I guess this means we are supposed to eat ice cream all month long! I've been celebrating. I've been eating it, flickr-ing it,and bringing you the ice cream inspired goodies.ice cream stickers
laser cut ice cream cone necklace
ice cream kitchen timers
nooworks ice cream necklace
ice cream spatula
Poketo ice cream unisex tee
ice cream lady's tee
Big Cartel stuffed ice creams
love cones tee
Rock Paper Scissors ice cream cards
Sur La Table swanky ice cream maker

Hungry now? Need some ice cream recipes? Try Bon Appetit or Martha Stewart. Or visit Ici in Berkeley.
If you are headed to Austin and want to continue summer ice cream lovin', they are hosting a festival on August 9th!



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