Friday, June 27, 2008

Fanny Friday

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I noticed that first all girl rock band, Fanny got featured in a beauty-inspired page in Nylon this month. I love Fanny and I think more people should know about Fanny. So, yay for Nylon's music issue that featured Fanny and other forgotten about lady bands. I first discovered the legends of Fanny back in my early days of college when one of my brothers starting dating the daughter of one the original members of Fanny living in Davis, CA. At that point, Fanny as a band was long gone, but one of the sisters (Jean and June Millington) that originally formed Fanny, lived just down the street from my parents' house and had reformed as the Slammin' Babes. They frequently played locally at the Palms in Winters, CA. It looks like the Slammin' Babes are still at it and their daughter, Marita (who know longer goes out with my brother) appears to have joined the group.

In the mid-seventies they were joined by Patti Quatro. (hott image from

Patti was formerly of the Pleasure Seekers and is the sister of one of my all time favorite female rockers, Suzi Quatro and is also the aunt of Sherilyn Finn. Check out Patti's "fan space" on Here's one from Fanny on the Sonny and Cher show that features Patti in the band.

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At 4:16 PM, Blogger Bubeau said...

Is that their best song?

Haha, the Slammin' Babes!

At 5:21 PM, Blogger freshpinkstyle said...

No, that's not THE best. They have lots of good songs, but there are not a lot of youtubes of them. I thought the Sonny and Cher part was a good bonus.


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