Friday, May 23, 2008

OVER and Over it.

It is OVER. Finally. I am very happy that particular semester is no more. I already made an exhaustive list of stuff I want to do around the house, but I don't think you need to see all that. It would make you tired. So, here's my short fun list of fun things to do at the moment.(image from

Local Eye Candy-
Jen Stark, Anna Fidler, Jana Flynn art show
(image via Johansson Projects)

Berkeley Botanical Garden (there's an agave plant about to bloom)(image from Berkeley Botanical Gardens)

Movie Candy-
Indiana Jones (yah, yah, seeing it tonight)

Sex and the City (yay for my casasugar habit getting me into the preview)(image from

Ear Candy-
PortisheadGoldfrapp (she is playing the next T.I. Fest btw) (image courtesy of

Del(image courtesy of

I would like to hear those albums in full, I need to move on from She & Him and Santogold for little bit.

In other music obsessions, I was lucky enough to have received this classic Zombies' album on vinyl recently, which has made this song turn into the soundtrack in my head lately!(album image from

Hope you have a fun holiday weekend. I am planning to!

ps- Magnolia reminded me that the Capsule Design Festival is on Sunday and is cool.

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