Thursday, April 17, 2008

Santogold's Blowing Up

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I've written before about how much I like Santogold. It's a little funny because she's yet to have released her first proper album or toured to the bay area. I guess I had these grand illusions that she wouldn't blow up right away and maybe I would have a chance to see her at a small venue some point some soon. Now I am starting to think that is wishful thinking, even Kanye's blogging about her, calling her his favorite artist! Our buddy Josh had reports of how hard it was to get into her SXSW show. She is also now on the bill at Coachella and Isle of Wight's Bestival 2008. Further proof of her blowup is looking at her fancy new video right here:

This track, L.E.S. Artistes often plays on repeat in my head. All sadness aside about probably not seeing a small Santogold show, I am happy to see she got a proper video made! The janky ones that have been up on youtube for the past year weren't cutting it.



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