Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We Feel Fine

I get inspired alot by things I see online. At Odopod we pass around inspirational links daily, so I'm lucky to have access to a constant pool of places to visit. One of my favorite websites, maybe top favorite of all time, is called "We Feel Fine."

It's a site that shows how people are feeling all over the world, via their blogs. The two engineers created an API (Application Programming Interface) that combs blogs and looks for instances of the word "FEEL." All of these literally bubble up as search results but in compelling, visual ways (they call them "movements"). For instance, one of the movements is called "Madness." Mass of colored shapes float and move around chaotically, waiting for your interaction. Bigger ones are more recent "feelings," smaller ones are older. Some will show images, others show text. It's literally a sea of feelings, waiting to be discovered.




At 5:40 PM, Blogger Megan said...

Good one! This is exciting for freshpinkstyle to get guest blogged up over here with fresh tidbits. It's like a little daily blog present!

Also, stay tuned, there's talk of a re-freshing makeover for freshpinkstyle orchestrated by Yuri, the web designer, who has blog fever for February!


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