Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tree Huggin' (Thank U Fader)

Our backyard is in the British magazine, Fader this month! This is due to the fact that this month's issue is celebrating women. There's a write-up on the talented and local artist Emily Jane White. Emily has her band practice here on the in our backyard with our buddy/landlord Josh and the rest of their band in the little "music shed" pictured. That's how the backyard ended up in the Fader photo spread.

The photos include some of the finer points of our backyard, including this tree that I think helped get these photos selected for the magazine. I call it the hobbit tree. It's really a plum tree with some problems. Here are some photos to give you a better idea.Admittedly, It's a little scraggly and dying in spots, but otherwise is pretty amazing looking addition to the backyard. There have been threats of chopping the whole thing down, since part of the tree is sick, which is very sad. However, our fine landlady, Yuri was actually the one that brought the article/photos to my attention, allowing me to kindly point out why I think those photos made the magazine and the simple conclusion IS the hobbit tree! Fader magazine is on my side! It has re-opened the tree debate of staying or going. I've been threatening to have to get Julia Butterfly on the hobbit tree. I don't think anyone wants it get that way. So, thank you Fader and Emily! The other fine points of our backyard are also included in this last photo from Fader (at the very bottom that you can click to enlarge). You can see the garden hose runs up the middle of the yard (there was thought that the hose made the photos magazine-worthy but I find that highly doubtful), the Webber bbq and our soon-to-be rock star cat, Sam. Here's his close up. In his Fader shoot, he is looking sexy as usual, while he is getting some rubbs of love from Emily. That magazine spot has already seemed to go to his head. He's got a lot of attitude these days.Congrats to Emily. I am a Fader fan! The current issue also has a big feature on my one of my favorite new obsessions, Santogold. Visit Fader's site linked above and do a search for Emily to watch the Cam Archer video of her track, "Dagger."

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At 9:09 PM, Anonymous landlady said...

very cute post pink. long live the hobbit tree and sam.


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