Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lonely Shuttle Stop

I've been getting ready and trying to get organized before school starts tomorrow morning. I actually thought school started yesterday, so I got up early and got on BART, rode to Daly City, started to wait at the SF State shuttle to arrive. Then I thought it was odd that NO ONE was waiting at the stop, because it would normally be packed on the first day. So, I realized it was time to make a phone call that confirmed I was two days early for school!!! I felt silly and relieved all in one, so I turned around and headed back. DOH....but isn't this image of the Ikea-d out bus stop kind of cool?Other than that we've gotten out to a couple of shows for some before-school-starts-last hurrahs. On Friday, we went to go see Lichens and Om. I really didn't "get" Lichens but really dug OM. Lichens was reverb-y, weird and seemed like anyone could do it, but it turned up as R's top album of 2007! OM is heavy drum and bass duo that sounds like a lot more instruments than just two. Last night we got to see The Blow and Mirah (thanks Yuri!), after a small taco fiasco at Nick's Crispy Tacos (which were good after I actually got one). Mirah was a little annoying and ended up scolding the crowd to get "focused", which I think really means she was telling the antsy crowd waiting to see The Blow to be quiet. The Blow (one woman, Khaela, actually) was full of super funny story telling, dancing and put on a good show. I forgot my camera, but we had a good time. Here's a flickr photo that I found of her looking pretty much like she did last night. Wish me luck on the school thing tomorrow. It might be an intense semester, we'll see.



At 6:01 PM, Anonymous yuri said...

Yer welcome! I like how you and Russ disagree on music. It's important to have your differences. Good luck with school!!! We can trade nightmare school stories now. I am overwhelmed and my head hurts.


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