Friday, July 13, 2007

Fresh Friday Frenchness

Fun wall decals from a talented French company, Domestic. You can also buy their goods at the UK web-based store, Made In Design. They also have cute porcelain vases over there from Domestic like this pink one.Here's an awesome poster of collected Jean Luc Godard's French new wave film stills from Agnès b's art collection. It has images of Mick Jagger, Bridgette Bardot, Jean Seberg, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina and more Foxy Frenchies.I got this poster at an agnès b shop in Tokyo in the summer 1997 and carried it back all the way on the plane.During the summer of 2004, I lost it to my ex-dude, apparently he liked a lot too. I was very sad about it, UNTIL the middle of June 2007, when I got a new one from my awesome buddy, YO. She remembered my story of loss & woe, as we both saw a photo of it used in a photo shoot in Domino magazine. While she was on vacation in Paris she brought me back a new one. So nice! Now I need to figure out how to hang it soon without spending a fortune. It is huge!

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