Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Humpday Hoodies #12 a la France

I want to stick to this week's French theme, even on humpday hoodie day. I've been looking around for French-designed hoodies, but I think French woman are too chic to be caught in hoodies or rather my foreign language skills lack enough to not be able to find you many awesome ones. Frenchie companies, APC, Agnes B and Colette don't even have one hoodie within their websites. These images from Parisian-based design company, Paul & Joe were about as swank as the hoodies got in my search. This first image above is Paul & Joe's dress hoodie. YAH, dress hoodie, gotta love it with the stunna shades!

These next images with the turban/scarf on the head look is little more of what I think a cool French would woman would wear over a straight-up hoodie any day. More looks from Paul & Joe over here (the woman's collection is complete with a Serge Gainsbourg soundtrack)., one of my favorite bargin online stores that is a French clothing store has a this inexpensive, basic hoodie, but I feel like there's no guarantee it is 100% French. Buy it here for a mere $24.99.I am taking a short break today from the french femme fatales, but I will be back tomorrow with two FFF's that are interconnected, maybe you can guess who they are? *Hint* they are both brunettes.

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