Sunday, July 15, 2007

French Femme Fatale #6 & Co.

I know Bastille Day was yesterday, but I had intended to have 6-7 French Femme Fatales this past Frenchie appreciation week. I was meaning to start the femmes last Sunday, but post-bachelorette party I wasn't getting anything done well. I had a radio show last Sunday that was possibly an all-time low in my shows. Anyway, what I am saying is that I need one more day for the Frenchie wrap-up. So, I present my last French 60's hottie, Francoise Hardy. Here's a fun pop medley to watch of her with Petula Clark and Sylvie Vartan on YouTube. Their barstools are amazing!

I can't decide on a number #7, so I will offer a few modern day French Femmes as my honorable mentions. Julie Delpy- She charmed me in Before Sunrise and I also enjoyed her in Killing Zoe and White.Audrey Tautou- Very cute and occasionally hott, though I found Amelie to be an over hyped, odd movie.Vanessa Paradis- I think folks love to hate her and her sub-par pop skills, especially since she is married to one of the hottest dudes around, but usually I think she has a great look. Here's a very young Vanessa, circa 1981, getting discovered. I am imagining she's had a strange life.and one last testament of the French ladies looking simple & suave over at Face Hunter, here are a few of my pics for enviable Parisian street style.


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