Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pink & Black & Green

More shopping eye candy...Like I metioned yesterday, my latest color obsession is a little odd, even to me. This is were OCD comes out in me, when I get some color combo in my head, I can't stop. For the past few weeks, I've had a collage-in-progress of expensive-meets-cheap stuff that I've spotted around the web and I needed to see altogether. Pink & Green, it's bursting with springy goodness, but it's a tad prepped-out for my tastes, so I added some black accents to add some edge to the priss.

Click around to find that stuff from above...
Dittos green jeans, a label revived from the 70's (warning: not seventies pricing here)
Vintage Elephant Bobby Pins from Pancake Meow (check out their doughnut jewelry charms & Jenn check out the toasty waffle charm)
Alexander Girard Folk Doll (I've been in love with Girard's folk dolls since last fall's Moma exhibition of his work from the 60's, adorable!)
Recycled Record Cuff
Early Jewelry Black Bone earrings
Black Onyx Camera Clutch
Mod-style Belt at Shana Logic
Pink Skyntone Laptop Skin
Handmade handbag from Etsy seller, Hullabaloo
Cheap bikini from Target
Terra Plana sandles, fairly eco-friendly leather.
Silk Pillows by Frazier & Wing (they also make amazing mobiles)
SewDorky Donut Pillow (look at all their "flavors")

Here's a little of the color inspiration, this one's located in a Vice "Do's" a few weeks back. This is my very favorite pink & green object of my own. I got her at the Alameda flea market last fall. She has an oval hole in the top of her head to use her like a vase or a pencil holder, but the lady I bought her from suggested she is maybe too fragile to be filled with water. The piece is from the 60's and she 's from Japan. I love her.

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At 11:34 AM, Blogger jenn said...

i would eat all of those charms.
thanks for the heads up.


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