Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fast Friends Inc

I thought I would share one of my latest obsessions. The images from today are from talented artist from LA that I have recently become enchanted with named Jason Yates, who goes by the name of Fast Friends Inc. He came to my attention via Ariel Pink's (aka Holy Shit) myspace page. Ariel Pink's an LA musician, who I am rather fond of, as well. Yates has been making a bunch of music posters for A. Pink and many other musicians that you may or may not heard of. He's pretty much taking the music poster to another level, in my opinion. Inspiring stuff that makes me wish I spent more time in LA.

This pretty much sums up how he approaches these music posters (from his myspace profile): "The production of these 'posters'- (in "reality", they are multi-media drawings ), is extremely laborious. They are hand drawn, hand colored, and curated with "disco glitter", decals, and other mixed media .... In this; I can usually only make between 10 or 15 versions per event - and that's with the aide of additional velocity points..... Fast Friends Inc has in a great sense come out of my hopeless fandom and the opportunity to work with friends and those I (mostly) admire. It is an archive of my social/mental circumstances (see Blogs). I have enjoyed creative company or, "worked" with Ariel Pink, Dead Moon, Penny-Ante, The Bubonic Plague, Six Organs of Admittance, Indian Jewelry, Little Claw, Feast, Harry Merry, Death Valley Days, BJM, The Tyde, Winter Flowers, Holy Shit (Matt Fishbeck/ Ariel Pink), All Night Radio, Animal Collective, Black Dice, Tom Watson (see, also: Red Krayola), Shout!, and Don Bolles- Club Screwball- to name a few. Enjoy."

here's his more detailed story



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