Friday, April 27, 2007

Fresh Friday Five

I used to post "Friday Fives" at a yahoo group indie music group that I belong to. It's a fun thing to do when you are really excited for Friday. But it's seems EVEN more fun on my own blog with photos to look at. Here's what's on my top five of the week.

1. Konono no.1 show tomorrow at Great American Music Hall, bringing in the fresh sounds of lo-fi, DIY afro-pop. They have been added as the opener for Bjork's US dates.2. Carmella Cakes from Crixa cakes, my favorite East Bay bakery at the moment.3. I was pleasantly surprised by The Traditional Fools live show at the Rickshaw last night. They were cute, young dudes played the show on the floor, instead of the stage. They had some fun raw energy, it sort of broke up the night in good way with some variety. And becoming a Rickshaw Stop regular band, the local soul group Her Grace the Duchess played two favorites of mine, Ike and Tina's "Idolize You" and Rodger Collin's "Foxy Girls in Oakland." Pretty sweet.4. This make-your-own-dress tutorial at the Etsy Labs. It shows you how to make a dress pattern that you can use over and over from a duct tape mold to fit your body perfectly (that's a lot of duct tape, though).5. New Cornelius album/video (sad I missed the show at Bimbo's last night).
Have a fresh weekend!

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